Our Mission Statement

We are not your typical Martial Arts Studio!

Our mission is to inspire our students to find peace, health and happiness through self-discovery using ancient wisdom and modern-day understanding toward the ultimate goal of assisting each individual in becoming a more enlightened being - fully able to live a life of power and abundance.

Grand Master Jim Risinger

Grand Master Jim Risinger

The founder of Rising Sun Martial Arts Academy, Hanshi or Master Jim, has over 40 years of Martial and Healing Arts training. His honorary warrior title, courtesy of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, is Oni Ku Daki or the "Demon Crusher" which is interpreted as "one who confronts ignorance with great compassion and light, but when given resistance assists the individual in seeing something completely different."

You may be impressed to know that the Japanese style woodwork you see throughout the dojo was designed and built personally by Master Risinger, a General Contractor and Finish Carpenter-Millwright; owner of Rising Sun Woodworks in Santa Maria, California. He also designs custom practice weapons which you can view and order through our catalog page.

Master Risinger's experience is varied and impressive, offering many options for students of differentlevels and interests. You will quickly recognize his enthusiasm for all aspects of Martial Discipline. His energetic and detailed training, along with his enthusiasm and experience in the subjects he teaches, will move you to a new level of understanding in your practice and your life.